The Research Team

Team members who have contributed to research projects listed on this portal.

Frank Kelly

Professor Frank Kelly

Professor of Environmental Health

Head of the Environemntal Research Group, interests include; free radical and antioxidant biochemistry in relation to human diseases, mechanism(s) of air pollution-induced lung injury.

Dr Sean Beevers

Senior Lecturer in Air Quality Modelling

Combining regional and local scale air quality models for applications to epidemiological studies of air quality and health..
Dr Nutthida Kitwiroon

Dr Nutthida Kitwiroon

Senior Air Pollution Scientist

PhD in atmospheric modelling and many years experience in local and regional scale air quality modelling.
Benjamin Barratt

Dr Benjamin Barratt

Lecturer in Air Quality Science

Air pollution monitoring, air quality network, low emission zone, exposure, personal monitoring

Dr Andrew Beddows

Senior Air Pollution Scientist

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